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The Projects ”Urban Details” has been going on for several years and consists of photos from big urban areas around the world. With the pictures Artlizard investigates the human impact on the environment and our urging desire for symmetry, rigor and orderly patterns. He leads our eyes to the details of the public urban areas, in architecture, in commercial messages and in the private room. Details that sometimes remains hidden when we pass them by in everyday life.


By eliminating the unnecessary and focusing on details he gives us the opportunity to explore man's relationship to the design, which in turn is in a contrasting relationship to the organic structures of nature. It is as if we go about trapped in something that we our self have created. An environment intended to give us a feeling of security and welfare becomes a prison. A prison that slowly wears down and crumbles away...

Stefan Duhs - Artlizard


Stefan Duhs a.k.a. Artlizard - born in Stockholm, Sweden

the 18th of July 1954. Lives in Folkärna in Southern Dalarna.


Stefan has worked as a photographer, a cinematographer, an editor as well as a TV and web producer in both France and Sweden. In the early 90s He started up an educational center for media, Medieskolan/Medieinstitutet in Stockholm. He also acted as creative head master there for 15 years.


1997 Stefan studied ”Visual Communication” at Konstfack, The University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Since then he has given several seminars and workshops on the subject of visual language and symbolism.


In 2008 Stefan turns the page and decides to be a full time artist. He mainly works with photography and graphical textures as expression. Since 2010 he lives and works in Folkärna (Dalarna, Sweden) and in Ban Thamouang (Vientiane, Laos).


Contact information

  • Stefan Duhs - Artlizard
  • Lund 13
  • 775 95 Folkärna
  • Dalarna Sweden
  • +46(0)768 29 29 15
  • stefan(at)





  • Konstrundan - Avesta, Southern Dalarna, Sweden - Easter 2017

with photographer Håkan Brattlöf

  • Konstrundan - Avesta, Southern Dalarna, Sweden - Easter 2016

with photographer Håkan Brattlöf

  • Konstrundan - Avesta, Southern Dalarna, Sweden - Easter 2015

with photographer Håkan Brattlöf

  • Konstrundan - Avesta, Southern Dalarna, Sweden - Easter 2014

with guest artist Bo Mars from Unnaryd

  • One man show at Galleri Aniara, Sollentuna, Sweden Jan-Feb 2014
  • One man show at Artlizard Art Gallery, Folkärna, Sweden - July 2013
  • Artshow at Artfrog, Unnaryd, Sweden - July 2013
  • Outukompu Steel Factory, Avesta, Sweden - May 2013
  • Konstrundan - Avesta, Southern Dalarna, Sweden - Easter 2013
  • Expo at Konsthallen, Gamla Stan, Stockholm - July 2012
  • Artshow at Cercle Suédois, Paris, France - May 2011
  • Expo at Brunnbäcks Herrgård, Dalarna, Sweden - July/August 2010
  • Expo in the atelier of Ellinor Cauchy, Paris, France - May 2010
  • One man show at Hotel Mornington, Bromma, Sweden - April 2010
  • FO-KO at Tornet, Linköping, Sweden - April 2010
  • Artshow in The Home of Artlizard, Stockholm Sweden - Dec 2009
  • FO-KO at Hotel Scandic Anglais, Stockholm, Sweden - Oct/Nov 2009
  • Artshow at Hotel Mornington, Stockholm, Sweden - Summer 2009
  • FO-KO at Hitechbuildning, Stockholm, Sweden - Mars 2009
  • FO-KO at Sverigehuset, Stockholm, Sweden - November 2008

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